Welcome to
MuSool Hapkido!

MuSool Hapkido is a system with roots in traditional hapkido yet remaining open to the evolution that all martial arts must undergo over time. Through hard work, dedication, and lots of practice, the founders of the system were able to re-discover theories and principles that work as a complete system, yet still complemented other styles. 

Our system lays no claim to specific techniques. It is not a new martial art, nor is it a new style of hapkido. In fact, many of the techniques used in MuSool Hapkido can be found in martial art styles all over the world. 

Consider thinking of the martial arts the way we think of languages. Each language was developed over time. Some languages are no longer used, and yet many languages are still evolving. Language is learned at home, at school, and by just “picking things up" through life experiences.

Each language has its own vocabulary, grammar, and syntax. Many have common roots and have similar words and phrases. But each language is unique in its own way, no matter how minor the differences.

The martial arts are very similar to this. Techniques can be similar across styles, but they all have their minor variations in application. What crosses the boundaries of style is the theory behind the technique.

Theories and principles break the language barrier, and that is what MuSool Hapkido is all about.